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November 26, 2022

Science > Ginseng


Common Name

Canadian Ginseng, American ginseng

Scientific Name

Panax quinquefolius L.


Ginseng is a low growth, shadow friend and perennial plant, from the Araliaceae family. English word of Ginseng takes from Chinese expression (Ren Shen). Ren means (person) and Shen means (plant root). This name refers to fork-shaped root of Ginseng that is like human foot. In traditional medicine books the root of Ginseng plant has been called (Genus) or (Gensa) in Arabic. The name of panax takes from Greek word means (therapist). Surveillance of china against Korea ginseng farms began in sixteenth century. In early decades of twentieth century, due to the product obtained from natural farms, it did not respond to people`s demand for this plant, Korea began commercial cultivation, which continued until today. World trade of Ginseng was about 80000 ton that all of this volume was produced in four countries: China, South Korea, Canada, and United states in 2010. Human-shaped root of Ginseng caused a group of Europe old botanists believe that the root of this plant can enhance different parts of human body. The root of this plant is used to weakness curing, Atherosclerosis, blood disorders, bleeding, colitis, cancer and reducing effects of diseases caused by age increasing.

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