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August 08, 2022

Science > Linden


Common Name

Linden, Large-Leaved Lime

Scientific Name

Tilia platyphyllos Scop.


Linden is tree species with long life, high latitude and tiny leaf and is native to all over Europe. Linden most found in the old mature woods. It grew by its own or in agriculture and is widely used due to its medicinal properties. Although its dispersion has declined in the last 2000 years it is still widespread in urban areas and it is most commonly found in the mountainous regions of central and Eastern Europe. Dried flowers, leaves and wood of this tree have medicinal uses.  Flowers 5 petals, aromatic and yellow-white after spring blossoms are collected, dried and kept in low humid conditions. Flowers are the most valuable medicinal ingredients in the linden tree.  The leaves of linden tree are similar to the heart with a toothy margin. Today it is cultivated for commercial applications in Florida, USA, Mexico, Italy and the Caribbean western islands.


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