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November 26, 2022

Science > Mint


Common Name


Scientific Name

Mentha longifolia


Mint with the scientific name of Mentha Longifolia is one of genus of Lamiaceae family and is native to Asia and Mediterranean region which is available throughout the years and it is abundantly found in the warm months of summer. Mint foliage in ancient Greece was used to clean banquet and party tables. The Romans benefited from this plant in the preparation of a type of sauce which was useful for digestion and oral aroma and medieval monks used its foliage for medicinal and oral uses. In many cultures mint is a symbol of hospitality. The name of this plant is derived from the Greece legendary character (Minthe). The Romans imported mint into England and for the first time before the 1440s a person named John Gardiner called this plant Miniths. The first signs of mint toothpaste were obtained in 14th century in England.

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