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August 08, 2022

Science > Orange


Common Name


Scientific Name

Citrus sinensis


Orange has grown about 4000 BC in parts of south west Asia and northeast India. Probably Italian merchants after 1450s or Portuguese in 1500s imported it to Middle East. At that time, citrus especially orange had more medical and pharmaceutical use. After that in the 1640s the orange was very popular fruit among people. In the mid-1500 the Spaniards imported orange into southern America and Mexico. According to available historical documents, citrus is transported through Iran from Asia to other parts of the world. From the time of Safavids empire in terms of traffic Portugal ships in south of Iran, the seeds of orange have been given to southern people and cultivated there. Then about 300 years ago these seeds have been brought from south to the north of Iran and it has been cultivated in Tonekabon city. Since then especially in the early 1300 of solar year different species and varieties of citrus have arrived in Iran and cultivate at citrus research stations or in gardens.


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