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August 08, 2022

Science > Persian Lime

Persian Lime

Common Name

Persian Lime

Scientific Name

Citrus latifolia Tan.


Persian lime tree is likely to be the result of a cross between two species of Citrus Limon and Citrus aurantifolia. The exact origin of this plant is not known but probably is native of Iran. Some sources say that it arrived from Italy (the land that was said to Persian lime has been cultivated since 1824) to Brazil in the mid-1800s. Some believe that Persian lime was taken to the United States through Tahiti. After world war I Persian lime found its place in the trade of plants. Of course at the beginning merchants and people did not accept this plant; for example the Canadians did not accept this lemon for a while because they were accustomed to Mexican lemon. In the 1930s many Florida citrus growers who were thinking of making more money, cultivated Persian lime and in 1924 the use of this plant expanded. Now this plant cultivates in many parts of the world such as United States, Brazil and Australia.


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