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October 29, 2020

Science > Raspberry


Common Name


Scientific Name

Rubus fruticosus


Scientific name of raspberry is Rubus fruticosus and it is from rose family. This plant dates back to prehistoric times and it is believed to grow for the first time in parts of East Asia. Archaeological evidences show that the inhabitants of the caves of Paleolithic ate raspberry and has been part of human diet for many years. This plant probably has been transported by immigrants or animals to different parts of the world. Based on documentation that have been recorded by Paladios (the first bishop of Ireland Christians) raspberry was not cultivated and used for some reason until the 4th century BC. This fruit was a fertility symbol in the Greek myths during the Hellenistic period (from the third century BC to the first century AD). In the Greek stories it was said that the raspberry was white at first but dry-nurse of Zeus dyed this fruit with blood by putting thistle in their finger and after that raspberry became red. Raspberry was a popular fruit among people at medieval so that they used raspberry juice in artwork as color. For the first time in thirteenth century AD, King of first Edward encouraged people to cultivate raspberry all over the UK. Raspberry was imported by European immigrants to America.

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