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August 08, 2022

Science > Sour Cherry

Sour Cherry

Common Name

Sour Cherry

Scientific Name

Prunus cerasus


Sour cherry with the scientific name of Prunus cerasus is specie of Prunus genus and is from rose family. This plant is native to the Caucasian mountains and it is possibly the birds took its seed to the other parts of the world including Europe. Some people believe that sour cherry is native to the parts of east Europe. Seed bases of Gisela and Mazard types of prunus genus have spread extensively throughout Europe and North America. Sour cherry was very popular for Iranian and for the first time the Romans imported this fruit into England before the first century. In the sixteenth century Henry VIII introduced sour cherry for cultivating in England. For the first time, English immigrants imported seed of sour cherry into America in 1629 AD. Then, the French sour cherry`s cores of Normandy (a region in north west France) brought with them to America and planted along the Saint Lawrence river. Sour cherry trees consist of a large part of the French immigrant gardens in cities like Detroit and Vincennes.

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