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October 29, 2020

Science > Strawberry


Common Name


Scientific Name

Fragaria × ananassa


Strawberry with scientific name of Fragaria X ananassa is a species of mongrel and belongs to the genus of Fragaria. The date of this fruit backs to 2000 years ago. Today`s strawberry came about 200 years ago from cross-breeding between Virginiana or Scarlett strawberry as male parents and Chiloensis strawberry as female parents. This plant has been cultivated in Europe about 1300 AD. The wild strawberries in the 14th century AD in France were transferred from the forest to the farmland and became a domestic plant. Around 1600 AD Virginia strawberry from the Fragaria Virginiana variety came to Europe from North America. The spread of this species was very gradual and gradually became popular in England in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. In the 1610s one of French statesmen named Fraser took the chiloensis strawberry from Chile to France. The cultivation of this plant expanded in northern France and sometime after the crossbreeding of this strawberry with Virginiana strawberry a new model was created. This new model was exported to America in 1800s. British gardeners grew new species through seed, after that the number of strawberry variety increased from three to thirty varieties. Many people suspect that strawberry is called this name because of the covering of this plant bushes with straw. Some sources mention the strawberry name from this fact that first time young people picked up wild strawberries and sold in masses surrounded by grass, however, the exact origin of this plant`s name is still unknown to us. It seems that the first modified variety in the Qajar period and at the time of Azam Atabak came from France to Iran and was called to Atabaki.

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