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May 16, 2022

How to Purchase Newsha Products?

Newsha products are only sold through our independent distributors. ‏but Our customers can place their orders in two different ways:




First: Newsha Independent distributor places your order and gives you the invoice number:

1. Go to “Orders – Invoice Settlement” menu.

2. Enter the PI number and Newsha Distributor ID in their related fields and press “Checkout”.

3. You will see the product lists. Check the list and press “Checkout” to settle your invoice as mentioned in “How to Submit Your Proof of Payment, If Needed” dated 28 July 2019.


* In this case, you can pay the amount online by choosing a payment gateway from the “payment” list


you can deposit the amount into our bank account and provide us with “Proof of Payment” (payment receipt).




Second: The customer can place their own order. To do so:

1. Enter our website ( and go to “shop” menu.

2. Select the products you wish to purchase by using the option “add to cart”

3. At the final stage, enter your address, phone and email address.

Also, you must enter your independent distributor ID (number 1).

4. Choose a payment gateway from the “payment” list and press “pay order” to pay the amount online.







* In this case, you must make an online payment.


Comment panel

  • August 27, 2020 Farhad

    Hi, how do I find a list of your distributors in America?

    Newshadrinks : Dear Farhad, please fill in "contact us" form and provide us with your personal information including your full name, ‎city and country, telephone number. We will ask one of our independent distributors to contact you for more information.

  • November 05, 2020 sholeh mahmoudi do i purchase your production?

    Newshadrinks : Dear Sholeh, Newsha products are sold through our independent distributors. So, please let us know your country, city name and tel. number. we will ask one of our independent distributors to contact you ASAP.

  • October 02, 2021 Heather Travar

    I live in North Carolina, USA. Are there any distributors near me?

    Newshadrinks : Dear Heather, one of our distributors will contact you soon.