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February 27, 2021

Effectiveness of Cinnamon Tea in Reducing Weight

The term overweight refers to excess body weight for a particular height, whereas the term obesity is used to define excess body fat. Obesity has been named among the highly occurring non-communicable disease affecting around 39% of world's population. Childhood obesity is a global phenomenon affecting all socioeconomic groups, irrespective of age, sex, or ethnicity. An individual's eating and physical activity behaviors are heavily influenced by social contexts where they are brought up. Adolescent age group is more vulnerable to consume fast food which contains large portions of high fat and low fiber food. The sedentary activities such as television viewing, playing games in the mobile, computer laptop and tablet are the major causes for childhood obesity.


In 2017, a study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of cinnamon tea in reducing weight among late obese adolescent. Cinnamon tea was given for the samples for 15 days, and their weight and body mass index (BMI) was measured before as well as after the intervention.

Out of 30 samples in pretest, 70% of them had overweight and 30% of them had Class I obesity. In post-test, 20% of them were normal weight, 66.67% of them were overweight, and 13.33% of them were Class I obesity.

The findings of this study revealed that the prescribed cinnamon tea resulted in an improvement reduction of weight. However, researchers need further studies with larger samples to investigate the effect of cinnamon in reducing the different factors like weight, BMI, hip waist circumference level in obese adolescents.







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